Time and Mummy

Life as a busy mum is certainly a balancing act! When work is added to the other mum-related roles and responsibilities, life can seem pretty hectic. In our latest edition of Empower, we shared some tips to help you achieve a better work/life balance. One of those tips related to eliminating time wasters: identifying the unnecessary moments of your day that drain you of time. With some careful planning and brushing up your time management skills, you could claim back some much needed time! Here are some great tips to help…

Limit Surfing Time

Do you often find yourself searching for something on the web, only to find yourself still surfing hours later looking at a completely different topic? It’s easy to get drawn into the Internet, so limit your time. If you need to do Internet shopping, schedule this time in your diary and stick to your allocated time. This really is a time zapper so be weary of browsing the Internet too often!

Eliminate Excessive Emailing

Constant checking of emails – at work or home – is a huge time waster. You will invariably get stuck into working through your emails rather than finalising a project or getting on with your household chores! Limit yourself to specific time slots to check your email such as just before lunch and mid-afternoon. Don’t let e-mails consume your day!

Focused Work Meetings

Ensure your meetings at work have a purpose and an agenda. There is little point meeting to ‘discuss’ a project; you must achieve something at the end of the meeting. If possible, don’t attend the entire meeting if much of it is unrelated to your role. Attend for the slot that relates to your area and save valuable time.

Log Your Time

If you are truly unsure where your time goes and you are struggling to identify your time wasters, log your day. Track what you do in the day and assess which activities you could have done more efficiently or avoided completely. You will soon know what unnecessary moments of your day you can do without!

Once you have eliminated some of your biggest time wasters and removed these unnecessary obstacles, you will find more time. Remember to use it wisely. Don’t simply fill up this time with more chores! Spend these extra minutes on you – taking time out will make you a happier mum!

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How To Revamp Your Life for Success

What if you could re-write your story of life? How would the pages read? What would you do differently? How would each chapter read? You may be thinking that re-writing your life story is impossible to do. But is it really?

This article will provide you with three tips for revamping your life for success.

1. Release the past and press toward the future:

Refuse to let what you did yesterday determine your tomorrow. Today is a new day, and you have the opportunity for a fresh start. You have the opportunity to determine the next chapter of your story of life. So many times individuals will focus so much on what happened in the past, that they don’t realize that is a hindrance to where they can go. There is not one person that can change what has happened in the past, but by our choices we can help to decide what happens tomorrow.

2. Surround yourself with successful people:

It is important for you to surround yourself with individuals who are going to help you succeed. When I mention successful people, I am not referring to anything that is determined by finances. I am referring to those who have had a dream or goal and have reached it. These are individuals who have beat the odds and overcome obstacles on their road to success. These are individuals who can assist you with revamping your life for success as well.

3. Decide on what you want to be successful at and then do it:

What does your success mean to you? Is it going back to school? Is it a career change? Is it spending more time with your family? You have to be clear on what success means to you. After you have decided what you want to be successful at, the next step is to do it. This means that you are taking action in achieving your success. The action part is the part that is going to propel you into achieving success. The deciding part without the action part just won’t work. But when you put them together this can catapult you into success.

One important thing to remember is that it is possible to revamp your life for success. If you don’t like where you are currently at in life, then you don’t have to settle for staying there. Is it your time for a life makeover? Is it your time to revamp your life? If you don’t decide to revamp your life what will not change? If you do decide to revamp your life what are some things that may change? Now what is the best decision for your life?

Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez is the founder of The Character and Self-Esteem (CASE) Institute where she provides life coach training and certification. She is also the founder of The Weight Success Institute for Women, where she provides faith-based weight success services for women.

Dr. Shauntel is affectionately called “The Inspirational Life Coach.” She is passionate about helping others to create the life that they deserve through inspiration, information and motivation.

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Accessible Adventures: Traveling With Special Needs

There is a world of travel possibilities for people with special needs! Where do you want to go? What do you want to experience? With a bit of careful planning and the asking some important questions, individuals with disabilities can find accessible travel options for many exciting destinations worldwide.

If vacation or business travel has been a daunting idea to you or to your family, be encouraged that there many places to explore where special needs can be easily accommodated with your comfort and convenience in mind.

You Have Places to Go & Things to Do

Family Vacations – Travel options abound for families with special needs children. Ranging from amusement and theme parks designed for a number of disabilities or camps that offer programs and accommodations for a broad spectrum of special needs, there are exciting possibilities for making fun family memories! Vacations to Disney World, National Parks, museums, and the like can also be accessible for those with disabilities through the utilization of things like travel wheelchairs, access guides, and travel agents that specialize in travel with disabilities.

Travel Planning for Special Needs – there are a number of companies that specialize in creating group tours, cruises, and individual wheelchair travel options. These companies develop itineraries and travel arrangements that facilitate special needs accessibility. Their travel agents assist in making arrangements and providing the appropriate resources to make your experience an enjoyable and memorable one.

Travel Resources for Special Needs

Travel Agencies & Tour Groups – A number of travel agencies and tour groups that specialize in travel arrangements for people with disabilities have developed over the years. Theses agencies and groups provide assistance in planning and executing vacations for people with a broad range of special needs.

Travel Companions – Whether you require assistance from a companion to manage daily activities or simply want someone to travel with, there are companies that can offer these services. Be sure to search for companions from reputable companies or with credible references.

Accessibility Guides – There are a number of publications, websites, & blogs available to assist with your travel planning. These guides outline destinations, accommodations, transportation, and other resources for traveling with disabilities.

Travel Wheelchairs – The right travel chair can make any trip less stressful and much more comfortable. There are travel wheelchairs that are especially designed for making travel feasible and safe. Look for chairs that are comfortable and durable, but also lightweight, compact or collapsible, and easy to maneuver.

By Gina Reed

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Balancing Work and Life for the Modern Woman

It’s hard to believe that there was once a time when women were expected to be the primary caretakers in the household. Now it has become common for women to have successful careers and to have a home that looks like it came out of a page from Better Homes and Gardens. With the growing pressures of today’s world, women are starting to feel the pressure of juggling everything and making it look effortless. Many women are struggling to create a balance between spending a few hours at work and taking time to enjoy their personal lives and spend more time at home. With the bad economy and layoffs and cut hours many women are scared to jeopardize their jobs and feel committed to working more hours. Even if you don’t have control over how many hours you have to work there are other ways to find balance, peace, and sanity.

Plan fun time. It’s easy to get sucked into working more hours and to dismiss fun activities. However, being proactive about scheduling relaxing activities is just as essential as scheduling your work life. Take a look at your life and all the activities and determine which ones make you happiest. If that’s going to see a movie with an old friend, planning a date with your spouse, or making a soccer game it is important to engage in activities that release stress and make you happy. If there are any activities that sap energy or are draining in any way find a way to get out of them and plan something that will ensure making you happy.

Wake up earlier. Most people get up and go straight to work. Individuals that wake up earlier in the morning before going to work feel more fulfilled and like they are able to accomplish more in a day. One can exercise, meditate, or just spend time breathing in the fresh morning air.

Be healthy. This is something that we all hear a lot but don’t always follow. A combination of regular exercise and a healthy diet goes a long way or elevating moods, sustain energy, and help with focus.

Work less hours. With the bad economy some companies are actually welcoming less hours and furloughed days. Many individuals are telecommuting or leaving earlier one day a week. This is a great opportunity to spend more time with your family, get that pedicure, or just relax at home more.

If you find that that you are still struggling with balancing your work life a life coach can help you determine ways to manage your time so that work and home life can coexist peacefully. Sometimes working with a personal life coach can help quiet the inner critic that doesn’t want to take breaks. Life coaching sessions can help women figure out the added responsibilities of having more to do so that life can be a little more enjoyable and more fun.

By Angelica S Olstad

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Skin Ageing and Stress

It’s no secret that the majority of men and women worry about the skin ageing process. We all want to look our best as the years creep by. Caught up in the celebrity standards of immaculate wrinkle free skin and slender toned bodies, we fantasise about idealistic appearances that may be unattainable without a large piggy bank and a professional cosmetic surgeon.

Skin ageing inevitably happens to us all; however it’s how we deal with the process that matters. Choosing costly and in some cases, drastic surgery can help to erase years, however the ultimate factor of money can cause stress – a key factor in speeding up the process that we desire to slow down!

However we can help the ageing process by choosing cost effective processes, quality skincare and relaxation methods.

Relaxing should be your main priority – not only for your skin but for your overall health too! Stress is a key component to heart related problems and cancers, therefore learning how to manage it will benefit you and your skin.

Dr. Herbert Benson, director of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, suggests that one of the most powerful ways to counter act ageing is to trigger what might be called the “relaxation response,” which is hard-wired into human biology as much as a the “fight or flight” response to danger.

His advice for triggering the age-defying response is to set aside time each day to relax. Not just every now and again, but every day! Make a point of having ‘me time’ to relax and revitalise.

Practice the art of mindfulness (momentary meditation) by removing your mind from the hectic work schedule and taking a few moments to fully focus and concentrate on the present. It doesn’t have to be obvious to your colleagues – remove yourself from the room or even face your computer and close your eyes. Stop what you are doing, take slow deep breathes, while observing your thoughts and feelings. Concentrate on your breathing rhythm or focus your attention on an object, examining every detail of that one thing. Once you begin to feel more relaxed then proceed with your activities in a calmer and controlled manner.

Learning to deal with stress can help to slow down cellular ageing as well as preventing an array of associated diseases and illnesses.

Eating the right food can help to improve your overall health and skin complexion also. Foods rich in Omega 3 such as salmon, sardines and other oily fish are essential in maintaining skin health. Avocado’s are bountiful in nutrition and skin nourishment while dark skinned fruits such as blueberries and red grapes provide vital nutrients and antioxidants.

The debate over Botox is left open – valued by some as a saviour for wrinkle reduction but detested by others as a foreign substance that is injected into the body. Studies have shown that the overall opinion of women who have Botox is presumed to be ‘cold and vain’ in comparison to those whose use topical natural skincare solutions. Either way Botox has a costly maintenance schedule.

There are other options available such as Neuro Peptide based serums and creams that can help to relax / freeze the skins facial muscles to reduce lines and wrinkles. Choose a skincare regime that combines pure natural ingredients with advanced scientific research to enhance the skins appearance without surgery.

Prevention & daily maintenance is the key to a more luminous and ageless skin complexion – with a daily routine of relaxation, nutritious food and an advanced natural skincare routine you too can look as radiant as the rich celebrities who make it their job to look good!

For the best skincare tips and helpful information to keep your skin natural, healthy and glowing, check out the Matilda Archer Derma Therapy Blog at http://matildaarcher.blogspot.com/

You can buy my natural, paraben free skincare products online, visit http://www.matildaarcher.co.uk now, our products are suitable for dry skin, oil skin, ageing skin, combination skin and sun exposed skin.

At Matilda Archer Derma Therapy we have sourced scientifically proven, skincare products for women of all ages to improve their skins appearance and maintain that for years to come. Buy our natural skincare products online on our secure site, dispatched from Northern Ireland, UK.

By Nicola Matilda Archer

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Make An Online Income From Your Unwanted Books


You can run a successful business selling books online. All you need is a little known how, in order to earn a living doing this. The best way to start this type of business is by selling books that you no longer what in much the same way as people sell unwanted items on auction sites or in car boot sales. This means that you have no initial outlay. The advantage of selling online is that you can make sales 24/7 and you don’t have to be sitting at your computer all the time in order to be successful at this.

Utilise an Online Bookstore

You will save a lot of time and energy by joining forces with a bookstore which is already doing good business online such as Amazon. This is a good initial step to take, because they already have a large database and you can utilise this to your best advantage. Your role here will be like a book wholesaler providing books even to the point of drop-shipping books to their customers, your readymade database. Chose an Online Bookstore with a Simple Fee Structure

When deciding on which online store to sell your books through, take care to chose one with a simple fee structure, one that is straight forward and easy to understand. That is, one which charges one flat fee for your book listings plus a percentage on sales. It would be aproblem if when selling books online you have to deal with a complex fee structure which would also make it very hard to make money because you are being asked to pay exorbitant fees through a complex structure of billing. Here, you should make comparisons before making a final choice.

Example of Complex Billing Structure to be Avoided

A single listing for one book can costs as much as30 cents for one week of selling exposure even if it is only featured online, but not sold. You may have to relist the auction over and over again for up to 6 months before it sells. This could leave you with a base overhead of $7.80 (30 cents times 26 weeks for just 1 book). In addition to this, you may find that there are additional fees to pay. This will eat your profit, worse still you could end up owing money after the sale.

Be Unique in Your Book Choices

Be unique; don’t try to sell the same books as everyone else, as this will limit your chances, especially if they are partnering with the same online store as yourself. It is a good tip also to sell books in order to earn an additional income stream allowing this to coexist alongside your source of income. Research your books before deciding to sell them only purchasing them from the wholesaler when you have made a sale to your customer.

Bargain Price Books

Sometime it is possible to purchase books which are still relevant, but may be last year’s stock. You can find these by doing a search engine search using your search term. You could also approach publishers for there excess stock.

Building Your Own Bookstore

When you are a little more experienced, you may decide to develop your own online bookstore. You should however, invest some time in learning the necessary components in order to do so. Learning php and sql are two complex areas, but are necessary if you are to be successful in building your online bookstore. You could then designed and build a complete online bookstore which will be capable of handling all aspects of online book selling. Don’t worry if this all sounds to complex as you could get a designer from Elance to do this for you. But, you should bear in mind that it is always better to have at least a basic understanding of how this all works so that you know what to ask your designer for. You should also get a number of quotes before making a decision.

Utilise Your Competition

Whatever you decide to do, it is always good to keep the major online book listers in your eye-line as both your educators and your competition. If you find that one of your competitors is ahead of your game then you should offer to join forces with them. By selling your books to their database and vice versa you will both become a stronger force in the marketplace. Amazon is one the major players in online bookselling, furthermore, they have a program in place that allows independent booksellers to partner with them to sell their own books through their organisation. The great news for you is that Amazon has a huge customer base and they get lots of people from all around the world to “come into their store to buy”. This is a brilliant opportunity for your future in book selling online.

A Slick Operation

You will find working online with your bookstore a pretty slick operation which will offer you many rewards and benefits. When you join forces with an already existing online bookstore, all You need to do is enter the ISBN number of the book you have, comment on its condition, i.e. whether new or second hand, enter the price you want to sell it for, say whether or not you want to sell internationally and that’s it. You don’t even need to take pictures of your books, comment on their publisher or write a synopsis of what they are about. All this will automatically be handled on your behalf!

Put simply it all works like this: 1. Upload your book information to your chosen bookselling partner 2. They will emails you when you make a sale 3. Package and mail your book or let the store do it for you 4. Email the customer notifying them the book has been sent 5. Commission will be deducted and the rest of the payment will be sent to you via direct deposit every couple of weeks. There are 2 main ways to sell books online (1) You can take advantage of the bookstore’s “FREE” service.

Many sellers chose this for obvious reasons. However, it doesn’t cost much to sell a few items and you won’t pay anything until you actually complete a sale. Amazon allows you to load books one at a time with the use of their web interface. You will only be charged after you have sold a book. Commission with this free Service is 99 cents per book plus an additional 15% of the sale price. No charge is made until you make a sale and books stays listed for 30 days and will expires at the end of that period of time. You can then put it back online, free of charge, if you to wish to do so.

(2) Pro Merchant Subscription

It may be more economical to use this subscription service instead of the free listing method, because it only costs $39.99 per month and the 99cents per book fee will be waved. However, you will still have to pay the 15% commission on each book sold. Additionally, your listings stay online until you chose to cancel them or until they are sold. You can also use the automated uploading tools to streamline your pricing and to add new books quickly.

Other advantages of this business model include being able to choose how you organise your working day, whether to work part time, full time or you can fit this around your regular job or other income streams. I like to check my sales first thing in the morning and also check my emails to see if there are any requests. One of the great things about this type of business is that sales are still being made while you are getting on with other things. Most people choose to become booksellers because books are something they are interested in, or they simply have some books that they no longer want. You won’t make a fortune selling books online, unless you manage to unearth some rare antique ones. However, with a little perseverance you’ll be able to build your business to a point where you can earn a good steady income without ever having to leave your house.

Boost Your Book Selling Income

You could boost your income by contacting educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities to see if you can provide them with books on their curriculum. Also see if you can track down some second hand ones which can be sold at a more competitive price than the new ones. You could of course check out what books are required for a particular subject, do some price checks before approaching these educational institutions with a sound proposal. Be sure to set your prices with room for a small price cut In case you are asked for a discount. One of the most appealing things about this type of online business is that you can if you choose to, run the entire operation from the comfort of your home without ever having to touch a single book, employ staff, go to the post office or take delivery of stock.

You can order your stock online, pay for your stock online; you can also arrange the postage online and correspond with your customers by email. You never have to do any face to face selling!! What a brilliant business model!! You can also chose to sell internationally, which means making the occasional trip to the post office in order to complete the necessary customs slips and to make sure the packages are dispatched to the correct countries. You don’t have to have many copies of the same book which means that you can pick up one off copies of books from car boot sales, garden sales and charity shops.

By Laurie Lindor

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Education Definition and Its Importance

Education is also known by many other names such as learning, teaching, and schooling. The term is derived from the Latin word ‘educatio’ (‘a bringing’, ‘a rearing’, ‘a bringing up’) which is related to other Latin words ‘educo’ (‘I train’, I educate’), the homonym ‘educo’ (‘I raise up’, ‘I take out’, ‘I erect’, ‘I lead forth’), and ‘duco’ (‘I lead, I conduct’). Generally, education is the act or experience which affects the formation of one’s character, mind, and physical ability. Technically, the term refers to the process by which society intentionally transmits accumulated values, skills, as well as knowledge from the older generation to the younger. Essentially, education covers all instructions and discipline which are aimed at correcting the temper, enlightening the understanding, forming manners and habits, and giving useful skills for children in order to be used in their future.

The process of education includes three major aspects – instruction (learning facilitation delivered by a teacher or tutor), teaching (the action done by the teacher or tutor as an instructor to deliver the learning materials to the students), and learning (an action done by those who are taught to receive knowledge, abilities, or skills that may be useful in the future).

A school can be seen as a place where we learn about life before we jump into the real world. School prepares students to deal with various problems in life. However, nowadays you can still find education systems that put emphasis on the importance of memorizing facts and figures, as well as achieving good grades. Instead of eliciting the learner’s appetite for knowledge, these things will only discourage them. Children who are stuffed with facts are figures have the tendency to become passive individuals who are less motivated to think, ask questions, and throw new ideas.

To encourage students to learn more and more new things, educators must provide them with new ideas and new ways of thinking. Besides the conventional textbooks, children should be introduced new education materials from their surroundings as well as from the internet. There are thousands of learning methods and materials available out there. If you are a parent, encourage your child to find the best way of learning, that way education will be a fun activity instead of a boring one. A good method should encourage children to think, not follow a lesson. The combination of learning and practice (or action) will encourage the children to make mistakes and learn from them. Nobody is perfect and it is not a crime to make a mistake. With the right approach, instead of being embarrassed of making some errors and mistakes, children will wisely learn from them and eventually become better individuals with better understanding about themselves and how things work.

Instead of bombarding children with repetitions of learning materials, education will be more effective if students are given the encouragement and chance to give their own opinions and arguments about even the simplest matter. While teaching materials are usually delivered orally, visual materials as well as observation are also very important.

By Doddy Kurniawan

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Success Follows When You Commit

The kids are screaming, the phone rings, the neighbor’s music blares so loud it shakes the walls of your house. You have a deadline to meet, you should be working, but with everything going on around you, it’s nearly impossible.

Control what you can control.

Identify what the variables are and control what you can control. There will always be things you can’t control, and to get anywhere you have to be committed. You have to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. Commitment means that you make a decision to do something, you create a plan to execute it, you start with the end in mind, and then you don’t give up until you get there.

The average person doesn’t have the ability to hold themselves accountable to all of this. They keep making excuses instead of doing those revenue producing things on their list. If you have the ability to hold yourself accountable you will make money.

When you make a decision to do something, stay with it. Commitment is like lighting yourself on fire and running down the street. People will follow just to see you burn.

Every conversation you have with people you are planting a seed. We’re all human, we’re all the same. All we want is validation. We want to feel okay, like someone actually cares. If you’re meeting resistance with prospects it’s probably because you’re trying to sell them. Shut up and listen to them. Ask them how you can help them. The whole secret behind this industry is just being real. If you can do that you don’t need a lot of other skills.

If your mind can conceive it, you can achieve it. It’s a step by step journey. Having the great lifestyle is a byproduct of something that is deeper.

Thomas Edison said: Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.

We are constantly filling ourselves with information that bogs us down. Bring to the table the commitment and the willingness to sweat it out. Stop looking for the next breakthrough and use what you already know.

Now everyone has the ability to work hard and most people know how to do it. It is that final 1% that makes the difference between good and great. It’s like water. At 211 degrees you have hot water, but at 212 degrees you have boiling water which makes steam, and steam can power cities.

The vehicle you use is irrelevant. Pick something that suits you and go with it. The reason you aren’t seeing results has nothing to do with the vehicle. You have everything you require and you need to stop looking outside of yourself for the answer. You have to be willing to work harder than anyone else.

By Rachel Hert

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Becoming The Best Mother For Your Child

Parenting needs a lot of patience, tolerance and diligence. Many women make a serious mistake by being either too lenient or too strict. Both are extreme sides. Mothers should be moderate while dealing with young minds. Some basic guidelines will help a great deal to make parenting experience more productive. It will also help improve mutual relationship.

Kindness and friendliness

Instead of behaving as an authoritative person with a bossy attitude, be gentle towards your child. They are so sensitive to any harshness that may ruin their personality. It will make them feel emotionally insecure. A friendly conversation will make child become more submissive and well-behaved. With love and soft voice, convincing a stubborn child is all plain sailing.

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy

Some mothers totally neglect the importance of recreation for their children. They force them to study all the time. It only makes a child feel great aversion towards education and other serious tasks. Make sure that kids’ daily activities are a mix of work and play. A famous child psychologist said that play is a form of activity that makes a child learn those things, which he is unable to understand in any other way.

Find out the best constructive and recreational activities for your frisky child. It will energize him by developing cognitive, physical and motor skills.

The perfect role model

Children love to imitate their elders. Try to be the best example for them in order to shape their personalities. Parents scream in front of kids occasionally or every other day. This frequent altercation adversely affects their kids’ gullible minds. The young ones think that such a negative behavior is acceptable because mom and dad are doing it. So, children follow the same.

Some kids are stubborn by nature. Despite continuous guidance, they deny doing anything. The best trick for those is to carry out that activity before their eyes and they will start emulating.

Shape personality

Mothers should always inculcate good habits in children by telling them what is right and what is unacceptable. In this way, they will be able to discriminate between positive and negative attitude. When the little child commits something wrong, tell him softly to never practice such a mistake again. Similarly, encourage him with an attractive reward, when he acts nicely or achieves something great. Acknowledge his talent and capabilities. Solace him in time of distress. Even a kiss or a warm hug will relax him in times of difficulty. Don’t let him feel guilty for a longer time, if he is at fault. To err is human, so forgiving is the best option.

Be realistic

Never associate too high aspirations with your child, such as having 95% marks in all subjects in every exam. No matter how genius he may be, this is simply not achievable.

Stay calm but vigilant. Consult an expert when you are utterly helpless, while controlling a child. Try to be a good role model. Give a disciplined and balanced life to your innocent child.

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Taking Action Is Your Secret to Success

Every achievement always requires first taking action yet people are still reluctant to do so. For whatever reason some have, this apparent lack of motivation keeps them from enjoying life much more fully! As has been said ‘life is not a spectator sport’ and the spoils go to the person who takes action and more fully engages in their surroundings. Although there may be times where our active involvement does not always render positive results, it is wise to also remember no guts no glory! In short any person who typically demonstrates hesitation or complete inactivity, can NOT expect for anything to change! Hesitation could be the difference between a fuller and more fruitful life and no life at all!

Here are 5 ways in which a lack of motivation and thereby action will negatively impact a persons life!

Second Guessing

Quite often when there is a hesitancy to proceed forward people tend to begin second guessing themselves. The longer this continues the less likely they are to get involved at all since their own doubts will continue to mount with or without justifiably so or not! In many cases the person who takes action does so intuitively thereby avoiding any ‘mind games’ that may result from them hesitating in the first place!


The self-doubt mentioned above tends to manifest itself over time and can result in the development of a mindset that is even more risk resistant! When this type of mindset takes hold the lack of motivation people feel towards change or new experience increases. Now they feel more ‘secure’ remaining in an environment without change or challenges since all that is now viewed as too risky! At this point folks begin to stop living and choose to just merely survive!

Nothing Ventured Nothing Learned

New experiences or meeting new challenges gives us life and reinforces our hope for newer and bigger things yet to come. From every experience comes a higher level of confidence and this is something only the person who takes action can appreciate. Choosing to remain on the ‘sidelines’ avoiding decisions and activities perceived to be too risky puts a screeching halt to any education any life experiences can give us!

Lost Opportunities

Choosing to refrain from fully engaging in life due to perceive risks or simply a lack of motivation denies you of many opportunities. Of course in most cases this is something that will not be fully appreciated because by not putting yourself out there you will not know what you are missing! Achievements on a large scale be it personal or financial will never be known to the person who does not subscribe to the philosophy no guts no glory!


Due to a lack of success or even simply just progress it is inevitable that eventually frustration will begin to set in. Expectations that go unfulfilled thereby open the door for a person to become disillusioned! The mundane existence of the person who denies themselves of partaking in almost anything that represents change in their life tends to wear you down! Frustration begins to mount as it seems that life is passing you by, and it is, but the good news is your involvement is a choice, it is simply a matter of what you choose!

Taking action is the first step in changing things in your personal or professional life and failure to do so can negatively impact your life! For whatever reasons some may have, their lack of motivation to be more actively involved in their surroundings can and will severely limit them! Lost opportunities will litter their lives only contributing to the growing emptiness they feel inside. On the other hand of course to the person who takes action goes the spoils! The discussion above focuses on the negative impact remaining a spectator in your own life can have on your quality of living! Although it is understandable many are cautious in choosing the actions they take it is equally important to remember this simple saying, no guts no glory! Always remember, for things to change you must change, and this requires overcoming your lack of motivation to do so!

By TJ Philpott

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